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The International Zinema School Fest 2019 will be held on 25-29 November in the city of Bilbao organised by the cultural association Begira Elkartea.

In addition to contributing to the dissemination of the most up-to-date audiovisual creation, for five days the festival will become a reference and a framework for reflection for new trends in the international film scene, weaving a network of collaboration and encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge.


The International Zinema School Fest seeks to support and encourage young talents, showcasing their work and promoting the exchange of experiences and knowledge among international school students.

It will be possible to register a film for each competitive section of the festival (though it will not admitted the same film in different sections): 

  • Animation

  • Documentary film

  • Fiction

  • Experimental

  • Basque Cinema

Short films made during the years 2018 and 2019, which do not exceed the duration of 30 minutes, will be accepted. They will be presented in their original language and, if different from Spanish or English, copies must include subtitles in either of those two languages.

Short films that were awarded or exhibited at other festivals or film shows can be registered.


Registration will be made on the website of the festival  from 30 April to 5 July 2019. Films must indicate a web address (URL) in the registration form for viewing and / or downloading the movie. URL links must be password-protected and available until 31 October 2019. Only links with restricted access will be accepted.


The jury of the Festival will be formed by renowned professionals from the film industry. The decision of the jury will be communicated via e-mail during the second half of August 2019. The jury and the selected works will be announced through the Festival website in September 2019.

The Festival awards include a 1,200€ grant for the promotion and distribution of the winning films by the students in each of the five categories. The awards will be made public during the celebration of the Festival in November 2019.

The selected works must be in Full HD projection format (1920 x 1080) and must be able to be downloaded as an .mp4 or .mkv file. If it is not possible to download the film through the link provided in the registration form, the film will be sent to Begira Elkartea before 20 September 2019, through digital platforms such as Vimeo, FTP, Dropbox, Drive or similar.

Short films selected to participate in the International Zinema School Fest can be viewed by the public through the BEGIRA EXPERIENCE platform. Likewise, the Festival may use fragments and stills of the selected films to promote the event in traditional communication channels (mass media), as well as digital platforms (web pages, social media, etc.).

Awarded works at the International Zinema School Fest will include a written reference of the obtained recognition at the beginning/end of all the film copies that are made for their exhibition in commercial and/or audio-visual contests, as well as in all the informative material. The aforementioned reference will invariably include the corporate image (logo and name) of the International Zinema School Fest, which will be provided by the Organisation. Likewise, the award will be announced through the social media platforms used by the person responsible for the work, using the hashtag #BIZSF19 and handles of the official festival accounts @BIZSF @BegiraElkartea.

The schools of the students whose films have been selected to participate in the official section of the festival, will receive an invitation so that the faculty and students can attend the Festival in person.

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